Apple is working to extend Siri search capabilities to Apple Music on the new Apple TV, which starts shipping to consumers Friday. That’s according to a report from BuzzFeed late Wednesday, which said Apple has confirmed the news..

The extension of Siri search to Apple’s music service would take the Apple TV one step closer to truly becoming the connected hub of consumers’ living rooms — it already offers video gaming and movies. At this stage, music appears to be the remaining piece of the puzzle.

As BuzzFeed noted, the move will essentially turn the Apple TV into a “voice-controlled music player.” It will also make Apple’s music-streaming service a more compelling offering. Currently, 6.5 million Apple Music users are paying subscribers, with 8.5 million still on a free trial.

Earlier this week, some users started noticing that Siri is refusing to answer basic music queries — such as checking which songs are trending in the charts — for those not subscribed to Apple Music.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment

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