Google is making it easier for friends and families to create shared photo albums today.

Rolling out for Android, iOS, and the Web, Google Photos now lets groups pool their collective snapshots and videos to create shared compendiums of memories, be it for your gran’s 80th birthday, a graduation, or a drunken night out.

It has long been one of the biggest pain points in the digital photography realm: how to get everyone’s photos together into one place. There haveĀ always been solutions, of course, including Facebook, which lets you create shared albums — but they’re published publicly. And then there’s the likes of Dropbox, which offered a very similar feature to Google Photos through its Carousel app, butĀ shuttered it this week.

Google Photos was first announced at Google I/O back in May, promising unlimited storage for your high-quality photos and videos — for free. It was a big move for sure, but although the app made it easy to share images by sending links through messaging apps or email, it lacked the collaborative tools groups need. But now, when a creator shares an album, others can not only view the snaps, but add their own too. Everyone in the group receives alerts when fresh content is added.

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