Microsoft-owned online voice and video calling service Skype is announcing today that in the next few weeks it will be rolling out video calls for groups of people — more than two — on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 10 Mobile.

The feature, announced today in a Skype blog post, comes as Skype celebrates 10 years of free video calls.

And the Skype service has now hosted around 2 trillion minutes of free video calls, Microsoft corporate vice president Gurdeep Pall wrote in the blog post.

Group video calls became available for everyone for free in 2014.

Now it’s coming to mobile devices for “hundreds of millions of mobile users,” Pall wrote.

A Skype group video call on Android.

Above: A Skype group video call on Android.

Image Credit: Skype

You can preregister for mobile group video calls here.

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