Google today announced at its GCP NEXT conference in San Francisco a new service called Cloud Machine Learning in a limited preview.

The tool relies on the TensorFlow machine learning library that Google open-sourced a few months ago. And it powers another new product called the Google Cloud Speech API, as well as the Google Cloud Translate API.

Google’s launch of the service follows the launch of the Cloud Vision API recently.

But a machine learning platform is something that public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services beat Google to. Microsoft Azure also has a machine learning service.

Still, Google is a machine learning company at its core, so it makes sense for the Google Cloud Platform to have a core machine learning service. This should help Google do a better job of competing with AWS and other clouds.

“We are excited to bring the best of Google Research to Google Cloud Platform,” Google Research software engineer Slaven Bilac wrote in a blog post.

Today’s news follows yesterday’s announcement that Google would be opening 12 more regions of data centers around the world.

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