Facebook today announced that it’s adding daily measurements of how much people watch videos posted on the social network.

Until now, people could see things like the number of views, the number of unique viewers, and the number of minutes that a video was viewed. Now, video publishers can find out how many minutes a video was viewed on a given day, the number of video views for a single day, and the number of times a video was viewed for 10 seconds on one day (or how many times people viewed at least 97 percent of videos that last for less than 10 seconds), Facebook product manager Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza wrote in a blog post.

“This new data gives Page owners a better understanding of when their audiences are watching their videos, providing a more detailed picture of performance that we hope will help publishers inform their video strategies,” Gomez-Ortigoza wrote.

Facebook redesigned its video metrics last month. Video analytics for Facebook Pages arrived in 2014. The video library, which helps users keep track of all their videos, became available in July.

You can find the new daily metrics in the video library or in Page Insights, Gomez-Ortigoza wrote. The Insights application programming interface (API) will get daily video metrics later.

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