Data insights startup CiValue took in a $2.4 million investment for its marketing software, which aims to help grocery, health, and beauty retailers, the company announced today.

Nielsen Innovate, Korean-Israeli fund Mac Fund, and T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom┬ábacked the round for the Israel-based startup.

“We invested in CiValue because Beni Basel is a true pioneer and innovator with fifteen years of experience in the field of retail personalization and recommendation,” said investment manager at Deutsche Telekom, Ralph Riecke. “He’s supported by a team with strong technical and business proficiencies that will enable growing ciValue’s business exponentially.”

CiValue has raised at least $4.7 million since 2014.

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ciValue provides grocery, drug, health and beauty retailers the tools to put customers at the center. Its cloud-based, self-service customer analytics and personalized recommendation solutio... All ciValue news »

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