Facebook will soon launch new universal apps for not only its core service, but also Instagram, and Messenger. In addition, the social networking company is extending its Facebook Audience Network and App Install SDK to developers on the Windows platform.

On stage at the Build developer conference, Microsoft executive vice president for Windows and Devices group Terry Myerson announced the latest Facebook news as he touted the growing adoption of the Windows app store and ecosystem. He revealed that there has been more than 5 billion visits to the Windows Store.

By releasing apps for the Windows platform, Facebook is ensuring that its social network, photo-sharing app, and messaging service are more broadly available regardless of what device you’re using, be it smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Reports of a Windows 10 version of Facebook Messenger popped up in the Microsoft Store earlier this month, but the only details that were apparent is that you could download it “soon.”

For developers, being able to tap into Facebook across all platforms can be invaluable. Thus perhaps the reason why Facebook is extending its Audience Network and mobile app install SDK, It will not only give developers more ways to monetize their apps, but give millions of Facebook advertisers greater reach, especially when you factor out the devices someone is using.

Facebook’s Audience Network debuted at the company’s own F8 developer conference in 2014. It’s a mobile ad network that lets advertisers bid and manage their marketing to a targeted group. You can choose to have a banner ad, interstitial, native, link ads, and even app install ads.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for additional comment and will update if we hear back.

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