Charging backpacks are increasingly common, which says a lot about how on-the-run and wired we are. TYLT is introducing its Energi Pro Power Backpack that it bills as the world’s fastest multi-device charging backpack. The company is also launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund final development of the product.

Los Angeles-based TYLT says it can charge smartphones, tablets, and next-generation laptops all at the same time. The backpack can provide up to 10 full smartphone charges, 2.5 tablet charges, and 1.5 laptop charges (up to 15-inch screens) while on the go. It can also charge up to three devices using the newest USB and USB Type-C devices.

The product is targeted at busy professionals, travelers, parents, students, and outdoor enthusiasts. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has a funding goal of $30,000, and it offers early bird specials of $130, or 40 percent off, and other rewards for early backers.

“We built the Energi Pro backpack from the ground up to be the ultimate way to charge while on the go. With most people now carrying multiple devices, including phones, tablets and laptops, the Energi Pro backpack is designed to charge all at the same time, which resolves a major pain point for anyone that has ever run out of power,” said Rami Rostami, CEO of TYLT, in a statement. “It’s one of the fastest-charging backpacks that can bring your next-generation USB Type-C laptop from 0 percent battery to full. From the beach and the hiking trail to the airport and school, the Energi Pro backpack is a must-have for anyone that needs to charge multiple devices on the go.”

The backpack has high-quality polyester for extra durability, and it has a smart cable routing system that provides easy access between devices and the bag’s rechargeable 20,100 milliamp (mAh) lithium-ion battery. It has 11 pockets and six cable routing compartments for charging, and built-in routing straps to keep cables tangle-free. Users can easily connect and simultaneously power multiple devices.

The connectivity system, which offers an easy access pocket for connectivity to a wall charger, allows users to fully charge the backpack battery overnight or use both ports to charge it in half the time.

The backpack also sports a RFID/NFC fraud reader protective material, which provides a hidden pocket for credit card security. It also has an extra strength, padded pocket for fragile belongings such as headphones, mobile devices, or sunglasses.

The pack has water-resistant internal pockets. And it has a dedicated laptop compartment that makes it easy to pull out your device at TSA checkpoints to get through airport security faster. The padded, sweat-resistant shoulder straps help keep users cool. TYLT has been selling mobile accessories since 2012.

You can charge all your electronics at once with Energi Pro.

Above: You can charge all your electronics at once with Energi Pro.

Image Credit: TYLT
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