Yahoo wants to navigate the flood of mobile apps

“Discovery” is one of the most common complaints about the ever-growing number of smartphone apps: With hundreds of thousands of apps, how can people find the best one for whatever they’re looking for? Now Yahoo is making an effort to solve the problem, both on your computer with a new Yahoo App Search service, and on iPhones and Android devices with a new Yahoo AppSpot app.

Groupon is coming to grocery stores

Group-buying titan Groupon’s plans for world domination seem to be rolling along smoothly. Last week, the company filed for its initial public offering. Today, it’s announcing its first partnership with a grocery chain, and its first full integration with a loyalty card system.

Apple’s cloud sure doesn’t look like Google’s

Apple finally threw its hat into the cloud computing ring in a serious way today with a new service called iCloud, which allows users to synchronize their applications and media across all their devices. It’s an ambitious vision, and one that’s about as different as possible from Google’s.

Groupon CEO to shareholders: Get ready for "a bumpy ride"

You might think that group-buying sensation Groupon would have to repress its tongue-in-cheek sense of humor as it prepares for its its initial public offering — and to some extent, that’s true. But even though Groupon’s IPO filing is dominated by the usual financial numbers and corporate-speak, a little bit of the company’s mischievousness sneaks through.