Fear and Loathing

2015 will be ‘Fear and Loathing’ in Silicon Valley

It is challenging for my youthful soul to accept that this is the eighth annual edition of my technology predictions here at VentureBeat. I hope this doesn’t hit 30 editions and I’m writing from a self-driving, hovering rocking chair. Here are my predictions for 2015…


Entrepreneurs, here’s how to think about your valuation

How much capital do you really need to last you 18 months? Will this amount easily allow you to hit milestones to raise your Series A? After an entrepreneur has answered these questions, I tell them to add 30% as buffer, since something always goes wrong or is delayed.

Google+ first impressions: My big three takeaways

I’ve been testing out Google+ for the past couple of days. I admit that I had my doubts after Google’s prior failures with Buzz, Wave, and Lively. With Google+, though, I’m pleasantly surprised that I can see myself using it in the future. It will be interesting to see how it complements or replaces my other social networking activities. Here are my big three takeaways on Google+.

Groupon will become the Sarah Palin of tech, and other predictions for 2011

2011 will be a year of economic recovery and continued drama in Silicon Valley, marked by the hyped battles of Apple vs. Google, Google vs. Facebook, and Oracle vs. the rest of the enterprise world. Without further ado, here is the 4th annual edition of my technology predictions.

Are Q&A startups a threat to Google?

The classic movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail includes a scene in which King Arthur and his men ignore warnings about a killer rabbit with huge fangs. Only after one of the knights is ferociously attacked do they finally believe that such cuddly-looking creature could be the “most foul, cruel and bad-tempered thing you ever set eyes on.”

Startup Fundraising 101

Back in 1998 during our first startup, ViewPlus, my co-founder (and close friend) Jimmy Kim and I went through the usual hardships of begging for money from friends and family, digging into our piggy banks and signing up for credit cards like they were lotto tickets.

Tech trends for 2009 — this time global

[Editor’s note: A look ahead to the major trends sweeping tech in the year to come. Do you agree with Lunsford Group’s Bernard Moon? Share your own thoughts and predictions below.]

U.S. tech trends for 2008

A couple of months ago, my wife and I visited Seoul, South Korea—a trip that inspired me to come up with a list of technology predictions for 2008 and beyond. The land that brought us bottle service, massive multiplayer online role playing, and paid online casual gaming serves as a good place to consider emerging trends…

Life after Facebook, and the coming “Dark Period”

Recently, I’ve felt like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day” hitting his alarm clock and rolling out of bed over and over again. I’d seen it before. The same thing happened with MySpace a few years ago, and with Friendster before that, only Facebook has taken social networking to new segments of society.

Funny or Die — and the challenge to the Long Tail

A marriage between Silicon Valley and Hollywood talent led to the birth last month of a video start-up Funny or Die. What took YouTube to do in six months, Funny or Die did in six days.