Bill Gates says humanity should fear robots. Microsoft’s research chief disagrees

Bill Gates thinks humanity should fear the rise of intelligent machines. In an “Ask Me Anything” forum on Reddit today, Gates explained that artificial intelligence will eventually pose an existential threat, but only after it makes life easier for us. Ironically enough, Microsoft’s managing director of research, Eric Horvitz, recently dismissed doomsday scenarios as “science fiction.”

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Obama promises to release new NSA spying report next month

During the State of the Union, President Barack Obama addressed the National Security Agency’s mass-spying controversy. According to the President’s address, the intelligence agencies will release a report next month stating that they’ve respected individual privacy while maintaining a close watch on terror groups.


How Uber’s wage guarantee compares to a living wage (in 1 graph)

In response to concerns of shirking driver paychecks, Uber says it will guarantee driver wages in every city where the company is also cutting costs for riders. Uber claims that cutting costs ultimately leads to better wages (12 percent better wages to be exact). But just in case some drivers get hosed by changes in prices, it wants to give drivers some peace of mind.