At Docker's DockerCon conference in San Francisco on June 23.

10 myths about enterprise adoption of Docker

The future will be different, but the lessons learned from VMware should not be lost on the likes of Docker, CoreOS, and the rest of our peers. A hype-free, clear-headed approach to this problem must combine VMware-like control with Docker-enabled freedom, flow, and collaboration.

women texting

How verifying phone numbers can protect your customer’s identity

Businesses are having to rethink the traditional user-name-and-password approach to securing customer accounts. A more secure — and practical — password alternative involves sending your users a randomly generated one-time password (OTP) via an SMS text message or a voice call.

Mark Russinovich uses Docker to build an application that includes some code running in a container on Windows Server and other code running in a container on a Linux server at the DockerCon conference in San Francisco on June 23.

Microsoft exec builds an app with Docker for both Windows Server and Linux

Microsoft is making its widely used software even more capable of working with the trendy open-source Docker container technology. During a presentation at DockerCon in San Francisco today, Mark Russinovich, chief technology officer of the Microsoft Azure public cloud, used Docker to deploy an application on both the Windows Server and Linux operating systems.