The best developers never stop learning.

They’re constantly expanding their knowledge sets into new arenas: security, hardware, new languages, and even better human management.

DevBeat is the can’t-miss event for those bright, motivated, mid-career developers. The program is high-level but hands-on, aimed at giving developers the latest tools, insights, and cutting-edge ideas they need to take their craft to the next level.

What to expect:

  • Take Master Classes on Node, Angular, Python, Ruby, and more
  • Dive into workshops on security, design, and dev team leadership
  • Hear talks from hackers like DHH, Stallman, Lerdorf, and many others
  • Make decisions about what to learn, do, and be in the years to come
  • Hack hardware hands-on with your peers
  • Venture deeper into polyglot territory
  • Explore new career paths

The event features two main tracks — one with focused ‘master classes’ and active participation, and one with lean-back learning in sessions with world-class guests and modern hacker heroes. You’ll have multiple opportunities to drill down on the topics that will best help you achieve your coding and career goals.


What would an event be without a good party? During your downtime, you’ll have plenty of time to network with 400 awesome developers during beer breaks, quick-connect sessions, receptions, and more.

Looking for new job opportunities, or for a developer to work with you at your own company? This is your chance to meet brilliant, motivated developers in a practical, focused environment.

Why DevBeat?

If you’re good now but want to be the best, if you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, if you’re looking for inspiration from peers and coding heroes, DevBeat is a jumpstart for your life as a developer.

Register today!

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