In the past couple of years, we’ve held the event alongside MobileBeat. But it has grown so much that GamesBeat will return as a standalone conference that’s 100 percent dedicated to gaming.

Last year, our theme was “The Crossover Era,” referring to companies attempting to crossover from one market to another, such as from the web to Facebook, from social to mobile, or from retail console to digital. Transitions like these create opportunity. They initiate a new cycle.

Now, we’ve entered an era where different companies are competing for gamers’ time in the same space. Apple and Google want to get in the living room and are waging war against Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft already has an edge in living room entertainment with its Xbox Live service, but it wants a piece of mobile as well.

It’s a confusing time for gamemakers. Where should they take their games? What platforms will provide the best gaming experiences? Who will make them the most money?

It’s a shaky time in the game industry, and GamesBeat 2013 will help you navigate through it. You’ll meet executives and developers from the big game companies and the startups that matter. They’ll share their 360-degree perspectives on the business of gaming and give you a glimpse of what’s to come. We’ll also have invaluable insight from venture capitalists, investors, support firms, marketers, and more.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be discussing at GamesBeat 2013:

New Game Platform Launches
Examining the future of PlayStation 4, Xbox “Next,” and Wi U and whether their revenue models will thrive in the future.

Console Disruptions
How the rise of alternative consoles, free-to-play, mobile, social, and online games will affect the market.

Monetization Strategies
What game companies need to know to stay independent and in control of their destinies.

User Acquisition
Overcoming the challenges of mobile-game discovery.

Social Casino Games & Real-money Gambling
How social casino games will change online gambling and land-based casinos.

Advocacy and Cultural Issues
Discussing the indie movement, women in games, game violence, addictions, and more.

Selling Games
Leaders in digital distribution, streaming, retail, used markets, and rental businesses share their insights.

Looking at investment opportunities and issues in the games business.

International Expansions
Why we need to pay attention to Brazil, Russia, China, Korea, and Japan.

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