I’ve been covering technology start-ups in Silicon Valley for years — telling the story of how venture capital mixes with entrepreneur talent to create amazing companies. Our new HealthBeat event is the next logical step of that story, and one of the most meaningful we’ve ever done.

We’ve been tracking this sector for years, but it’s never been ripe enough for us to tackle until now. But suddenly, mobile, wireless, computing, and big data — all of the technology trends in IT — are combining to create significant improvements in health care. It’s finally time Silicon Valley led the charge.

Matt MarshallMatt Marshall
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, VentureBeat

HealthBeat 2013 is a new event exploring “Smart Hospitals” and “Smart Practices,” the focal point of where technology is disrupting health care. The event also covers how “Smart Patients” fit in. Patients are now equipped with a library of web stats and tools, giving them more control over how they get medical care.

HealthBeat will help decision makers — CIOs at hospitals, physicians, 
providers, insurers — understand what technologies are most effectively 
transforming health care in 2013 and beyond. It will also help business leaders 
assess the multi-billion dollar market opportunities in this sector.

Themes include:

  • The ROI of Health Information Technology: Going Digital in a Reformed Health Care System
  • The Next Generation of EHRs/EMRs
  • The Health Care Cloud: Data Warehousing
  • Big Data Analytics: Business Intelligence for Smart Health Care
  • Patient Engagement & Activation/mHealth for Smart Patients
  • Intelligent Technology, Tools, & Teams for Smart Hospitals and Practices

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