We wish we knew. But alas, this News.com story is a bit vague with the details. This we know, according to the story: Andreessen is on the board of a stealth Palo Alto start-up called 24 Hour Laundry, “a blogging and social networking site for consumers that will include video, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans.” Blogging? Social networking? We have that already. Videoblogging? Sort of. Sort of not. We’re assuming there’s more to all this than the story lets on.

One note: News.com used LinkedIn to dig up a little info on 24HL’s CEO, Gina Bianchini, who was president of marketing software maker Harmonic Communications, where Andreessen was also on the board. An interesting idea. Using LinkedIn, we were able to verify that Greylock partners is an investor of classified ad search engine Oodle.com.

Update 7:50pm, 6/15: We’re now hearing from anonymous source that 24HL is doing something quite different, and that News.com was given a spin job. Who knows?

Update 10:49am, 6/22: Indeed, Gina provides a comment to this later post, saying News.com was off-base.