ArcSight_Logo.gifDid you see this interview with Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison yesterday in Information Week?:

Q: Will there an acquisition in the security space?

ELLISON: Sure, it’s possible.

Well, we’re hearing Oracle is about to acquire Arcsight, the private company based in Cupertino that builds security software to be “air traffic control system” for IT specialists. It would be Ellison’s eleventh acquisition in a year. Kleiner Perkins is the venture capital backer, and In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture branch, also invested. A while back, Arcsight beat the drums about possibly going public in the near future. Now, neither Arcsight nor Oracle are confirming the acquisition (they both had “no comment”), so we’ll categorize this as a rumor for now. We knew about Siebel and G-Log ahead of time, but who knows this time?

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