Avaya, a New Jersey maker of corporate telephone equipment, has acquired Traverse Networks, of Fremont, for $15 million.

Traverse makes software that lets customers connect mobile devices to their networks, so that their employees can use applications and better manage voice mail while on the go.

From the press release:

Traverse enables users to see and hear office voice mail through an email-like inbox on their mobile devices, providing streamlined access to messages and fast ways to respond. The inbox displays office voice mail messages with information about whom the message is from, when it was sent, and message duration. Users can select one or more messages, press play, and listen to them in any order. There is no need to dial a number for access, no PIN, and no awkward touch-tone menus.

The company raised at least $15.5 million from Labrador Ventures, Cisco Systems, Foundation Capital and Lightspeed Ventures.