Business Objects, a San Jose company that sells business intelligence software, has acquired Nsite, a private Sunnyvale company for an undisclosed amount.

Nsite builds on-demand applications and lets company employees easily configure them. These applications are browser based, and built with interactive AJAX technology. (Here’s a list of its apps).

From Nsite’s Web site description of its offering:

To make a change to the applications, users with the right security privileges can simply click an edit button and use the drag and drop and point and click features to easily change labels, add functionality and move objects around the application. IT departments and developers can use the advanced features of Nsite to extend the functionality of existing applications or build entirely new applications from scratch.

It is unclear whether Nsite’s investors made money on the deal.

The company raised $16 million previously, including $4 million last year in a third round of capital, led by existing investor WorldView Technology Partners. It had signaled that the round would be enough until it got more funding earlier this year.

(This story was first posted 11/22)