Realtime Worlds, a Dundee, Scotland video game developer led by David Jones creator of the popular Grand Theft Auto game, has raised $31 million in financing.

The funding comes from New Enterprise Associates, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm that continues to make huge bets like this one. As one of the larger venture capital firms, it is forced to pump more money into each company it invests in — in order to invest all the capital it is mandated to by its own investors.

Harry Weller, NEA Partner, and Patrick Chung, NEA Principal, will join the Realtime Worlds board of directors.

Realtime Worlds also has offices in Seoul, South Korea.

It has two games currently in production, the first scheduled for release next year. Worldwide agreements have thus far been signed with two publishers: Microsoft Game Studios will publish Realtime Worlds’ Crackdown for Xbox 360. Webzen, the Korean online games giant, will publish All Points Bulletin (APB), a multi-player online game for both PC and Xbox 360.