Silistix, a San Jose, Calif. start-up that provides software for semiconductor communications, said it has raised $6 million in a first round of funding.

Silistix says its product helps enable so-called system-on-a-chip (SoC) silicon products.

Investors include Intel Capital, British Smaller Technology Companies VCT, the Northwest Business Investment Scheme, Seven Spires Investment, the Manchester Technology Fund and Partnerships UK. Elaine Loukes, Investment Director of Partnerships UK, joins Silistix’ Board of Directors.

From the company’s announcement:

Silistix’ CHAINworks is a suite of software tools for the design and synthesis of
customized on-chip interconnects using self-timed (asynchronous) circuits. Increasingly, such on-chip interconnect structures are referred to as Network on Chip (NoC) solutions. The innovative and practical Silistix NoC approach overcomes many of the problems associated with the current synchronous approach to chip design, including those relating to timing closure, power consumption, design complexity and product time to market.