Tessera Technologies, the San Jose, Calif. maker of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry, said it will acquire Eyesquad, a Tel Aviv, Israel company that designs digital auto-focus and optical zoom products for cameras in camera phones and other products.

The purchase price was $18 million in cash.

From the statement:

“Eyesquad’s proprietary lens design and image processing technologies make it possible for all objects from 10 cm to infinity to be brought into focus automatically and simultaneously,” continued McWilliams. “Since there are no moving parts, the solution provides size, cost, reliability and power advantages over existing mechanical technologies for focus and zoom. This is particularly important for small form factor, high volume electronics such as camera phones.”

“Tessera is one of the industry’s leading technology development and licensing companies,” said Hans Wagner, Eyesquad’s Chairman. “This acquisition will enable Eyesquad to translate its technically advanced solutions into licensable technologies that are made broadly available to the global electronics industry.”

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Eyesquad received backing from BayTech Ventures and Adara Ventures.