Index Ventures, one of the better known European-focused venture capital firms, with offices in London and Geneva, has raised a new fund.

The fund totaled €350 million (with is about $459 million), the firm said in a statement.

The firm, which backed Internet telephone company Skype, among others, said it hired Saul Klein, former Skype global marketing vice president and Video Island founder, as a venture partner. The firm also announced additions to its life science team: PanGenetics founder Mark De Boer, as venture partner, and pharmaceutical executive, Michèle Ollier, promoted to partner.

Danny Rimer, a general partner at Index, recently was ranked #25 on the Midas List (see our profile).

Index has backed the following companies, among others:

Opensource: MySQL, Trolltech, Zend and Pentaho;
Broadband and VOIP companies: Virata, Skype, FON and Rebtel;
Internet service companies: Betfair, Oanda,, SpotRunner, Lovefilm, Stardoll and Netvibes;
Life science companies: Genmab, ParAllele Biosciences, BioXell, 7TM Pharma, Addex Pharmaceutical and PanGenetics.