MINO Wireless, a Sunnyvale, Calif. company that offers Internet calling (VoIP) for mobile phones, has raised $7 million in new venture funding from Canaan Partners.

The company charges you 2.2 cents per minute to make call to popular European destinations, and more for other regions. These rates are competitive, given that you can make these calls from anywhere. You download a software to your phone, and make a pre-payment to the company.

We went through the initial sign-up process, but stopped short of actually trying out the service — because the privacy statement was bare-bones, and we didn’t want to have our personal information sent out to yet a new batch of spamming marketers.

However, plenty of people are signing up. Last April, when the company raised a first $1.5 million round of financing, it said it had only 1,000 customers. Now it claims 100,000 users.

Previous investors included Tsunami Network Partners, Freeze.com and others.