Mobifusion, a Fremont, Calif. distributor of mobile content applications for the publishing industry, said it has raised $3.1 million in a first round of financing.

Investors included Ingram Digital Ventures, Emergic Ventures, Global Asia Partners and a major telecom company based in India.

The company has said it has partnerships with 20 media and other content owners, and signed 40 agreements with companies like the Encyclopedia Britannica and Houghton Mifflin to help distribute things like books and magazines on mobile phones.

The company has ten employees in the U.S. and 25 in India. It says it is bringing in revenue, and hopes to increase revenue growth as it moves to deliver content applications through more sophisticated smart phones. It works with Java enabled phones, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm phones, and hopes to work with the Blackberry soon. It distributes the content in various ways, including white-label applications for online retailers which cut their own deals with carriers, or by negotiating directly with carriers.