Limelight Networks, a Tempe, Arizona company that helps deliver data more quickly over the Internet backbone, has filed for an initial public offering to raise up to $201.3 million.

Limelight is one of the more mature of a group of new players targeting the so-called “content delivery network” (CDN) market (see our story about the more recent players here).

See its filing here. Note that it swung to a loss last year, losing $3.7 million on $64.3 million in revenue, compared to a small profit the year before. But then everyone else is filing public while losing money (Netezza, a data warehouse appliance company, just filed, too, and it lost $7.9M last year), so why not?

The main investors in Limelight include GS Capital Partners (which owns 45.3 percent of the company) an Oak Investment Partners XII (9.2 percent).

As for Netezza, the main investors are Matrix (which owns 20.75 percent), Charles River (with 19.59 percent), Battery (16.82), Sequoia (15.2) and Meritech (6.8).