tapatap1.jpgTapatap, a new online contest site, has launched, the latest in a slew of such sites. And Wis.dm has launched yet another Q&A site.

Tapatap, of San Mateo, is different, its team claims, in that it offers access to games from all places at once: Users can play via their mobile phone, from their PC over TapaTap’s web site, or via a widget embedded on someone’s blog. It also lets people create profiles and share with friends.

However, content-wise, it isn’t offering anything very new. Contests are as basic as voting on which model you think is hotter from two pictures provided. It wants to make money from sponsors of things like bikini competitions. It’s base stuff; on Tapatap’s front page when we looked was a contest for the more disgusting photo (see below).

Players win points and prizes by creating their contests, submitting photos in contests and by voting in contests.

Online contest sites are all over the place these days, from the array of bootstrapped efforts like Megabuzz (which also tries to tap into popular culture questions, offering prizes), to well-funded American Idol-inspired sites, and others, such as prize-bidding site Limbo 41414.

Tapatap is another well-funded company, before it even launches. We reported earlier the company had raised $2.5 million from Gabriel Venture Partners. It has a pedigreed team: Entrepreneurs Isaac Babbs, Andy Riedel, and Ken Scott previously founded Atlas Mobile, acquired by InfoSpace in 2004 for an undisclosed amount (see here, and here). Earlier, Babbs was president of Sorrent, which became Glu Mobile, and which recently went public; and he co-founded shockwave.com.

wisdm-logo.jpgWis.dm, meanwhile, is the latest “me too” company. It lets people ask questions, voice opinions, discuss topics and issues, and seek guidance from peers, again letting people tap into the “wisdom of crowds.” We already mentioned the similar Megabuzz above. There’s also Avanoo, which appears more ambitious (see our coverage).

An example of a Tapatap contest is below: