Rapport, a Redwood City, Calif. chip company making “multicore reconfigurable architecture,” said it has raised $18.5 million in a third round of funding led by Centurion Holdings.

Rapport has been working on a way to put a 1,024 processors on a single chip. It already has a chip with 256 processors, for doing things like running video on cellphones. The company has raised more than 7 million from Techfarm Ventures.

[Update: The company’s post-money valuation is more than $80 million, the company has since told Dow Jones (subscription required), and total funding raised is now almost $35 million.]

The processors are build with technology using IBM’s “Power Architecture.”

Here’s the announcement.


These funds will be used to expand growth in the government and commercial sectors for Kilocore-based boards and systems.

This is Rapport’s largest funding to date and reaffirms the company’s leadership in multicore, reconfigurable semiconductor architecture enabling computing performance and hardware acceleration at incredibly low energy consumption. The KC256, with 256 processing elements, is under deployment in modules, boards, and systems for many applications from intelligent sensors to deep packet investigation.

Joseph Grano, CEO of Centurion Holdings and former chairman of the U.S. Homeland Security Advisory Committee, stated, “After evaluating Rapport’s exciting and enabling technology, it became clear that there are major needs and opportunities in the Government and industry. We are pleased to be investors and advisors for Rapport.”

“Rapport has proven chip and programming technologies in the marketplace and this funding ensures our continued leadership in the multicore, parallel processing revolution,” stated Andrew Singer, CEO and CTO of Rapport.

Frank Sinton, President of Rapport commented, “The endorsement and quality of Rapport’s investors is testament to the company’s traction with the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security and potential growth in the industrial market for Kilocore boards and systems.”

About Rapport, Inc.

Rapport is a multicore technology leader with a family of massively parallel, multiprocessor chips and systems that can be dynamically reconfigured for multiple applications while breaking thermal barriers in performance per watt. Rapport’s chips are being deployed in accelerator boards and high performance systems for government and commercial solutions ranging from intelligent sensor modules to networking devices.