broncus-tech-logo.jpgBroncus Tech, medical device maker, files for $86M IPO — Broncus Technologies, a Mountain View, Calif., developer of minimally invasive devices for treating emphysema, filed to raise $86 million in an initial offering. The company’s SEC filing is here.

The Broncus technology is a minimally invasive, catheter-based device that creates new passages to bypass collapsed airways in the lungs caused by chronic smoking and similar issues, enabling trapped air to escape. Broncus is only one of several device companies hoping to treat emphysema; we’ve previously written about Emphasys Medical, which has also filed for an IPO (see the third item here) and Pulmonx (see here).

aegerion-logo.gifIf at first you don’t succeed: Aegerion Pharma tries again with $86M IPO filing — Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, a Bridgewater, N.J., specialty pharma that withdrew an IPO bid in June, has decided to try again. The company once again aims to raise $86 million in its latest offering, which you can see here.

Our previous coverage of Aegerion, which is working on drugs that lower cholesterol in a new way, is here and here. No word on why the company thinks things are looking better now — of course, it cited the ubiquitous “market conditions” for its earlier withdrawal — but it has definitely returned.

bgmed-logo.jpgBG Medicine cuts IPO size by 1.5M shares — BG Medicine, a Waltham, Mass., developer of molecular diagnostics that had aimed to go public on Amsterdam’s EuroNext exchange, last week cut its IPO size to 4.5 million shares from six million shares.

The company also appears to have boosted its IPO price, however, and may also have dropped its plan to list in Europe, as it is now pricing its shares in dollars rather than euros and says in its filing that it plans to list on the Nasdaq. In any event, BG Medicine now stands to raise as much as $83 million in the offering.

reliant-tech-logo.jpgReliant Tech formally withdraws IPO — The “skin-rejuvenation” laser maker, which reportedly postponed its IPO a few days ago, has formally withdrawn its filing, noting that terms available in the market are “not sufficiently attractive.” The company had aimed to raise up to $87 million in the offering. Now Reliant Pharmaceuticals, which is also pursuing an IPO, can rest easy.