Intelleflex is the maker of an “extended capability” radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, along with the higher-powered readers that make the passive tags active at longer ranges.

Although the RFID industry hasn’t quite lived up to the “RFID revolution” that was proclaimed for retailers several years ago, the technology has still seen a gradual warming of interest.

Intelleflex’s own tags can be used for purposes including parts and yard maintenance and temperature tracking for refrigerated foods, according to the company, which also recently entered into a joint development agreement with Motorola.

The $15.5 million round, the company’s third, was co-led by Arcapita Ventures and Motorola Ventures. Past investors Morgenthaler Ventures, Woodside Fund, Alloy Ventures, and Selby Venture Partners also participated. The company is based in Santa Clara, Calif.