peopleperhour.jpgPeople per Hour is a London-based site that helps connect freelancers in various sectors with job opportunities. It’s much like Elance and Guru, though unlike those sites, it focuses less on tech, and more on administrative and other jobs.

Moreover, Elance and Guru serve full-time professional freelancers. People Per Hour serves people who may only have a couple of hours here and there. Unlike Elance and Guru, which serve the U.S. market, People Per Hour focuses mainly on the European market.

The quality of work by first-time freelancers may be lower than what professionals offer, CEO Xenios Thrasyvoulou admits, but he says service buyers can make informed decisions with the help of the site’s ratings and analysis tools and that these tools can help employers to lower their service costs. There are approximately 2100 freelancers and 900 projects posted so far. Projects average about five bids per post and 55 percent of the projects are from repeat posters. The company makes money from taking a commission.

The company put up a bare-bones webpage in May and built the site with freelancers gotten through its own service (“eating your own dogfood,” in Silicon Valley parlance). People per Hour just got £350k from undisclosed investors.