nuconomylogo.jpgThe page view is dead, declares web analytics company NuConomy, which has raised $3 million to continue digging the grave.

There are plenty of other web analytics companies on the market, but NuConomy’s features can see the furthest beyond the page view and illuminate how users are actually interacting with your site, says chief executive Shahar Nechmad. For one thing, NuConomy is one of the few analytics products that gives you information about individual users — what brought them to your site, and what they do once there — and then to use that data to draw conclusions about, say, the amount of money a certain link or ad is bringing in.dashboard.jpg
NuConomy’s two-way API, however, is what draws the buzz. Rather than just receiving a report, site owners can decide on the fly what information they want, be it the relationship between the number of videos and of visitors, or between comments and purchases (see screenshot above). With just a few clicks, you can select different metrics andNuConomy will bring up a graph showing whether there’s any correlation. For example, Nechmad says, NuConomy could show you that a link from a specific site seems to be bringing in the most paying customers, even if it’s bringing in fewer users overall..

“Normally, you see a report, it’s nice and that’s it,” Nechmad says. “We allow you to decide what kind of contribution is important to you.”

NuConomy (now in private testing mode) offers its analysis for free. Eventually, the company will start charging some of its biggest customers a small fee.Nechmad says he also wants to work with sites to figure out the best advertising solutions — for a cut of the increased revenue.

Above the monetary considerations, Nechmad says he’s just excited to get NuConomy’s analysis into the hands of as many site owners as possible.

“It sounds cliched … but we don’t want to have only customers that can pay $1 million per year,” Nechmad says. “We want to change the web.”

NuConomy is part of a larger wave of businesses that are trying to develop new models of measuring online user engagement. For example, when the TelAviv-based company toured Silicon Valley as part of this year’s Israel Web Tour, it was joined by ClickTale, another company offering detailed information about what users are doing. But where NuConomy emphasizes the a range of relationships between your site and user behavior, ClickTale focuses on providing you a detailed account of exactly what each user does during their visit.

The recent venture round — NuConomy’s first — was led by large advertising conglomerate WPP. NuConomy previously raised $300,000 in seed funding. It’s also opening an office in San Francisco.