With a majority of Japanese households hooked up to broadband, Japan is a prime market for online services, like video, that require high-speed Internet access. That’s why Internet video provider Brightcove is launching Brightcove KK, a new Japanese subsidiary.

In the United States companies ranging from Showtime to The New York Times to Dow Jones to Universal Music Group currently use Brightcove to serve up content.

The new subsidiary is being built on a $4.9 million investment from Brightcove, Inc. as well as four Japanese strategic partners, Dentsu, Inc., J-Stream, Inc., Transcosmos, Inc. and Cyber Communications, Inc., Brightcove KK will focus on tailoring Brightcove’s on-demand Internet video platform for the Japanese market.

Brightcove KK will be based in Tokyo, Japan with three of its investment partners, Dentsu, J-Stream and CCI serving as sales agents in the country.

Brightcove previously raised a large $59 million round in early 2007.