It might not seem like there’s much room for cool ideas when it comes to selling tickets, but the executives of a startup called Amiando disagree. They’re rolling out some smart new features that should make it easier to promote events.

Like competitors Eventbrite and RegOnline, Amiando (which is a sponsor for our MobileBeat 2008 event on July 24) allows you to create a page where users can register and buy tickets for your events. Amiando has a strong package already — among other things, it sold tickets for the Crunchies Awards that we co-hosted in January — and just launched a completely redesigned site.

Co-founder and chief executive Felix Haas tells me there are two new features in particular that stand out, and which are unique to Amiando. First, the company has enabled “viral” ticket sales — namely, when someone buys a ticket to your event, you can give them a special code that they pass on to their friends. If one of those friends buys a ticket, both the original and new ticket buyers get a discount, so people have more incentive to hype your event to their friends.

Second, event pages can now be designed through a modular interface that Haas calls “NetVibes for events.” Like customizable news aggregation site NetVibes, Amiando’s event pages are now built from modules, so that you can quickly add elements like directions, a comment wall and YouTube videos, then move them around and resize them through a drag-and-drop interface. The modules aren’t limited to the events page, either — you can include them as IFrames on any Web page.

The Munich, Germany startup has focused most of its marketing efforts in Europe — so far, at least. Amiando raised an undisclosed first round from Wellington Partners and Adinvest last month.