Facebook announced today it’s rolling out the redesigned version of its site. Over the past few months, the social networking site has been adding features and functionality to the profile pages available at the www.new.facebook.com test site, and now the redesign is finalized. Apparently, users will be able to “opt-in” to the redesign by clicking on a link at the main site; the link will gradually become available to more users over the next few days.

New features (which were already functional on the test site) include:

  • The inclusion of more information on a user’s Wall.
  • The inclusion of more “stories” (i.e., updates) in your profile, and the ability to edit and adjust the prominence of those stories.
  • A general “Publisher” feature that allows users to add photos, videos or notes without having to access each application separately.
  • Splitting the profile into tabs for the Wall, Info, Photos and Boxes.
  • The option to interact with a third-party application before you add it.
  • New privacy controls.