How to publish on the web? Crowd Fusion, currently in stealth, is promising some fancy-sounding features like “Innovative content management, database management & performance evaluation/optimization tools” that has this web publisher interested in learning more.

The big blogging platforms — Blogger, TypePad, WordPress — offer easy ways for anyone to create and publish their own blog. But WordPress and TypePad also offer more complex versions to help larger publishers manage lots of content coming from many authors. Meanwhile, some larger online publishers build their own software using open-source programming languages. And, there are a variety of “content management system” companies out there, as well, that build customized sites for clients. Somewhere, Crowd Fusion fits into this picture.

I’m also interested because of the people involved: The company was founded by seminal blog outfit Weblogs co-creator Brian Alvey, and just raised $3 million in funding from digital media-focused firm Velocity Interactive Group, Greycroft Partners and serial entrepreneur Marc Andreessen.

The company isn’t saying much about itself but I signed up to learn more and here’s the automated response I got, with a few more details:

Crowd Fusion’s mission is to revolutionize online publishing with a
unique combination of technology and strategy. Our platform is
engineered to help position topic-focused publications as the leaders
in their verticals by providing publishing engines for the entire web
content lifecycle.

The Crowd Fusion’s infrastructure and data-mining functionality equip
publishers with the ability to automatically scale as demand
increases. We provide a set of easy-to-use and dynamic tools that
accommodate a publisher’s needs as they arise.

The same people who developed, built and scaled Weblogs, Inc., have
optimized web publishing with the Crowd Fusion platform that provides
you with:

* Collaborative development tools & best-of-breed publishing templates
* Automatic, on-demand application scaling.
* Innovative content management, database management & performance evaluation/optimization tools
* Extensive online database & information repository handling.

If you are a potential candidate for our platform, or if you are an
advertiser interested in partnering with us, please contact me by
replying to this email to