Adapx led the pack of the 72 companies being launched at DEMOfall 08 over the next two days. Its product is Capturx Forms for Excel.

You can use it to get paper-based data from the field to the main headquarters in digital form with as little work as possible.

The Seattle-based company designed it for field professionals who don’t spend much time near a computer or Internet connections. They can print out forms, fill them out with a pen that captures handwriting, and then upload the info back to headquarters.

Adapx has had products out for a while, but the Excel compatibility is interesting here.

Capturx helps capture structured data from paperwork. You design a form in Excel. Print it out. As a field salesperson fills it out, they use a digital pen that can capture all of the data. The pen knows which part of the form you are filling out when you write a given number. Upon uploading the data, Capturx automatically fills out the digital version of the form with all of the pen-delivered data. At the end of the process, the headquarters folks have a digital form with all of the data they need to do number crunching and the salesperson has a paper-version of the form.

The company’s secondary competitors include custom forms built for handheld computers, laptops and digital pens. The company has raised a $10 million in a first round from In-Q-Tel, OVP, Paladin, and NW Tech Ventures. The Capturx Forms for Excel service will be avaiable in October.