Replay Solutions, developer of software that detects errors in other applications running on your computer, pulled in an extra $2 million today in what is now a $13 million second round of financing. The bump came from UV Partners, which joined previous investors Hummer Winblad, Partech International and Sigma Partners.

The Redwood City, Calif. company provides software that records the performance of other software applications. When it comes across something unusual, it can play back the recording to pinpoint the code that resulted in error. This functionality saves users close to 80 percent of the time they might usually spend fixing these kinds of problems, Replay says.

Founded in 2004, the company is still fairly young and faces some competition from big name VMware, which also offers a product that records and plays back blips in software. Replay’s last funding round was in 2006, when it raised $4.2 million from Hummer Winblad and Partech.