Here’s the latest action:

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft create a human rights code of conduct — The three giants have been under pressure from several groups for their dealings in China among other places. Now they will adopt a formal code of conduct. Time will tell if that actually means anything or not. The San Francisco Chronicle got a copy of the document.

What’s in the early Windows 7 build? — Microsoft will show it off on Tuesday at its PDC show in Los Angeles, but ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley got an early look. Among the goodies: A new animation framework, multi-touch support (which was previously stated), a new task bar and the “ribbon” interface. In 13 paragraphs, Vista is only mentioned twice. That has to be music to Microsoft’s ears.

Intel apologizes for hurting Apple’s feelings on the iPhone — An executive for the chip maker suggested the popular mobile device wasn’t any good at browsing the Internet. Another exec at Intel, which provides chips for Apple’s computer lines, corrected him saying Intel’s own chips couldn’t match the battery performance the ARM chips (which Apple uses) get. CNET has more.

The global economic meltdown continues — Now poor nations along with the rich ones are facing troubling times. The Wall Street Journal has more.

MySpace rolls out the 2.0 version of its profiles — They now feature drag-and-drop capabilities. Drag-and-drop? 2.0? Is this 2000 or 2008? An improvement, but it still doesn’t correct perhaps the biggest problem with MySpace profiles — users’ tastes. TechCrunch has screenshots.

The FCC will vote on the “white space” on Election Day — Let’s hope people aren’t too distracted by that other voting taking place on the day, this will be potentially very important for the future of wireless communications — namely the Internet. Mashable has more.

The startup “undertaker”peHUB has a Q&A with a guy responsible for shuttering companies when times get tough.

Early E-Voting problems in West Virginia — America is filled with brilliant minds and great technology. Why can’t we figure out how to vote with a computerized system? Techdirt has more.

Walt Mossberg thinks the new MacBook Pro sucks… — …the life out of its batteries quicker than the old version, at least. That makes me happy, as I have the old one.

A film company may buy Epic Games — Legendary Pictures, which is making the Gears of War movie, apparently is trying to buy the whole game studio (it makes Gears of War), according to Variety. Epic’s vice president Mark Rein denies the rumor.

E for All shuts down — The video game conference put on by IDG is done thanks to a revival of the larger E3 show. GameDaily has the story.