Mobile software developer HipLogic has a brand new name and product line. Formerly known as Numobiq, the stealthy, Pleasanton, Calif. company unveiled a new kit for mobile software developers last week that will allow them to work with virtual operating systems (which sit on top of phones’ existing software) and customize their phones in new ways.

The platform should enable wireless carriers to send content to any phone regardless of network or type of phone. This would unlock potential for a wealth of applications that capitalize on interaction between different phones. The company expects to launch its product line commercially next year after getting feedback from early adopters. Last January it raised $4.5 million in first-round funding from Benchmark Capital, and it’s actively seeking a second.

There’s a lot of consumer interest in this area, which carries the potential to give traditional phones smartphone capabilities. Sunnyvale, Calif. startup VirtualLogix is also developing virtual operating systems for mobile phones. Whether HipLogic can compete will depend on how well it navigates relationships with carriers and handheld device makers. It already has several partnership deals in the hopper, reports VentureWire.