Here’s the latest action:

Increase in joblessness spurs stock decline
— After the Labor Department reported that applications for jobless benefits exceeded expectations, the Dow fell more than 80 points.

Reviews surface on BlackBerry Storm — CNET’s verdict: The touchscreen is nice, but corporate users are better served by the BlackBerry Bold.

AT&T funds privacy nonprofitThe Future of Privacy‘s backing from the telecom giant is just one reason why GigaOM’s Stacey Higginbotham is skeptical that the nonprofit group actually has consumers’ privacy in mind.

Amazon creates mysterious online ad company — The connection between Amazon and Adzina was just discovered by TechFlash, but an Amazon spokesperson says Adzina has actually been around for a year. Earlier this week, Amazon also launched its content distribution network, dubbed CloudFront.

Christmas apps growing fast on Facebook — Even though Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, it looks like some Facebook users can’t wait for Santa to arrive.

Qik and Strands lay off 10 percent of staff — Social recommendation service Strands let go of 14 employees, while mobile video company Qik laid off five people.

Virgin Mobile may get de-listed from New York Stock Exchange — The mobile company doesn’t meet the NYSE’s criteria because its market cap has fallen below $100 million.

European venture investment has second-lowest quarter on record — A slump in IT deals accounted for much of the decline.

Sony loses a patent suit on PlayStation Portable — A Texas jury said the PSP violates Agere Systems’ patent on storing music headers on a memory chip and awarded Agere $18.5 million.

IRS auditing Mozilla’s nonprofit status — At issue is how to classify the money Mozilla receives from Google, which made up a whopping 88 percent of Mozilla’s revenue in 2008.

Microsoft lets Zune owners keep 10 songs permanently for subscription fee — The move is supposed to tempt users who are hesitant to rent their music instead of buying it outright.

Can anyone save Yahoo? — As the company searches for someone to replace chief executive Jerry Yang, Yahoo faces a “triple whammy” of strong competition, an economic downturn and a falling stock price.

EA closes mysterious Blueprint divisionEA never made an official announcement about the division, but it was known that the studio’s purpose was to deliver original intellectual property.