EyeView Digital, a company that produces Flash-based product tutorials for various companies, announced that it has been seeded by Lightspeed Gemini Internet Lab and Gigi Levi, former president of customer service and billing software company Amdocs. The Israeli company, developed at Harvard Business School, believes these short pitches and walkthroughs will convince 20 percent more casual browsers to download or purchase products on web sites.

EyeView manages the “campaign process” from start to finish — producing the creative, delivering it to sites, measuring its usefulness and optimizing accordingly. It has already garnered some successful results, boosting consumer conversions (from browser to buyer) by 20 percent for client eToro, and by 10 percent for DuplicatePoker.com (though the site recently folded due to the recession). And it’s starting to get some attention from bigger names like eBay, Nokia and HP, among others. The emphasis on one-click action makes the service ideal for retail, gaming and finance sites, the company says.

The amount provided by LGI has not been disclosed, but it tends to contribute chunks between $500,000 and $1 million in this type of situation, according to TechCrunch. EyeView, which remains fairly unique in its area, won the business plan competition at Harvard Business School earlier this year.