Go Internet Media, an online advertising network, seeks to differentiate itself by focusing on the education market. Right now, it handles targeted advertising campaigns for 1,000 universities across the U.S., and it just raised $10 million in first-round capital to further increase its sales reach, the Santa Clara, Calif. company says.

Internet Media says it measures its success in rising enrollment rates of students properly matched to the institutions being advertised. To target ads and up revenue for schools, the network offers two different services: AcademixDirect and RevenueLoop. The first is a lead generator and campaign manager, charging clients per action taken by ad viewers. The second is designed to connect advertisers with relevant web publishers that are not necessarily in the education field. That way, ads can reach an even larger audience that is still likely to take action based on an ad, leading to higher revenue.

Internet Media also operates higher education reference sites SearchByDegree.com and FreeEducationGuide.com, both of which host advertising brokered by the network.

The company receives all of its funding from Kennet Partners.