I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Amazon’s Kindle electronic book reading device. I just don’t think it’ll have a lifespan of more than a couple years, since digital readers will eventually be replaced by smartphones with large screens like the iPhone. That said, the newest leaked pictures of the Kindle 2 look pretty sexy.

The device is expected to be unveiled at a press conference on Monday. The other hot rumor is that it will be $359 (the same price as the current-generation Kindle) and will be available for purchase February 24, according to a post on the MobileRead Forums.

As I said, it looks really sexy, but will Amazon really stick with the $359 price? That’s disappointing. This thing better have some pretty great capabilities beyond reading books and RSS feeds (which you pay for), or I think I’ll just stick with my iPhone to read eBooks (at least theoretically).

[via Engadget]