Pixel8 Networks, a stealthy San Jose, Calif.-based provider of online video distribution technology, announced plans to roll out a line of products in September that could fundamentally change the way online video is delivered. Very little information has been released about what’s in store, but co-founder Randy Chou told VentureWire that the company is working on better ways to transfer video and large amounts of data.

On its web site, Pixel8 (not to be confused with 3-D animation producer Pixel8 Studios) says that it’s seeking to solve problems caused by the new prevalence of IP-based video, couching its September launch as “something that, up to now, hasn’t been possible.” The company also claims that its distribution mechanism will have “more than 10 times the horsepower of anything else” on the market in the space today, and will actually cut costs for client businesses — magic words for video developers’ ears in this recession. For now, expectation-building seems to be Pixel8’s prime marketing strategy.

Only about six months old, it raised $6 million in first-round funding last September from Matrix Partners, on top of $200,000 in seed funding from a private investor. Executives say this should be enough to last Pixel8 through 2010.