Mikogo, maker of the online meeting tool of same name, announced today the release of a free, public version that works across platforms, now including Mac. The software lets up to 10 meeting participants share a screen over the web during a presentation.

A group of colleagues can virtually huddle around one screen to edit a project collaboratively from their separate desks, or a single user can conduct a product demonstration as the rest of the group watches. All changes made on the shared screen take place in real time, making presentations easy to follow. The new software for Mac operates exactly the same as its Windows counterpart, allowing users to swap between presenters, send out email notifications of meetings, and dial into Mikogo’s own voice-conferencing system simultaneously. When someone on a Windows Machine views a presentation or edits a document shared from a Mac computer, the Mikogo web conference window looks like a mini Mac Desktop.

Mikogo is clearly not alone in the increasingly crowded web conferencing space. Cisco’s WebEx and Citrix’s GoToMeeting are the biggest players in the space. But there are also a lot of smaller players like cost-effective TimeBridge, Genomni’s sleek Oneeko, and free service Dimdim. With WebEx and GoToMeeting costing up to $49 a month for individual use, Mikogo distinguishes itself somewhat on the basis of price. When it comes to its free rivals, the road gets rockier. DimDim has offered a cross-platform service for a while now. And while Mikogo prides itself on its clean, simple interface — Dimdim’s open-source application doesn’t look half bad and offers all of the same features. TimeBridge’s new web conferencing service may also pose a threat. Not only is it pretty, but it only costs $8.95 a month and already has a solid base of customers built in from the company’s other products.

Mikogo’s parent company, BeamYourScreen, offers a range of collaboration products for online meetings, presentations and customer support. It has a roster of 1,500 corporate customers and exists in 40 countries worldwide. Mikogo is based in Germany.