FilmCrave has already made a name for itself as the social network for movie buffs. With its sizable collection of movie trailers, ratings, and user-submitted reviews, it’s cultivated an active network of niche content creators. Now, after two years of modest expansion, the founders have announced they’re offering the site’s API to developers.

The move would make FilmCrave’s content available to a variety of other movie sites. But co-founder Alex Olson believes the value of the content will outweigh the disadvantages of promoting it outside the fledgling ad supported social network.

“Quality movie theater, movie rental, and DVD eCom sites will see the best rewards from our content, as they rarely have true movie data and often times do not have movie reviews by real people,” says Olson. He also says that the plan is to leverage the open API — as well as the wealth of cinema-centric content it syndicates — for mutually beneficial quid pro quo arrangements.

FilmCrave’s newly announced partnership with online movie retailer HiDefDVD (pictured above) is a prime example of this strategy on a micro scale. Through use of the API, HiDefDVD’s developers were able to use FilmCrave’s content to seed the site with background info on the titles it sells. Furthermore, the syndicated content is identifiable with FilmCrave’s logo and branding — both of which link back to the social network.

Of course, the X-factor in this strategy is the support of the crowd and the continued strength of its submitted content. After all, even though FilmCrave has done a decent job of building an active social network, it’s going to have to maintain that momentum (if not increase it) to snag the lucrative partnership deals it’s hoping for.