happyhappyGoogle chief executive Eric Schmidt says it’s “reasonable to be optimistic for 2010” — Reuters has more.

Michael Jackson traffic set off cyberattack alarms — Google’s automated defense systems interpreted a sudden tsunami of “Micheal Jackson” [sic] queries as an attack. I’ve gotten similar stories under FrieNDA from IT people at a couple of other places, too. We all went a little Jacko-crazy yesterday.

Windows 7 may be available on a thumb drive — Now that a significant fraction of Windows users are on netbooks that don’t have a CD or DVD drive, Microsoft is considering making it super-easy for them to buy and install an upgrade to the next version of Windows.

unfortunatelocationYahoo link sends record traffic to New York Times — In two hours, a link from Yahoo’s front page sent more than nine million page views to the Gray Lady’s servers. What was the big story? A Home and Garden feature about a gorgeous circa-1800 farmhouse located a few feet from a freight railroad line.

Wikinvest reinvents itself as Yahoo Finance competitor — A new beta version of the site includes much more company drill-down data, plus embeddable graphics. The Wall Street Journal has an overview of the new service.

[Photo credits: Top photo from The Age. Bottom photo from NYTimes.com. ]