wordsmyte-1A single clever word or phrase can reshape how people think about an issue. A just-launched site called WordSmyte intends to take advantage of this phenomenon — and it’s focused on things that people hate.

So, maybe this site will help people articulate and spread the word about things that suck — and make the world a better place.

Here’s how it works. First, you write a definition of the concept you’re trying to describe, with the prompt “I really hate it when . . . “. Then, you think of a possible word to describe it. Submit your definition and word, and other users can vote on your definition or propose their own. It’s a more interactive sort of Urban Dictionary, with a more anti-suck purpose.

wordsmyte-5For example, one WordSmyte user submitted this definition: “completely unnecessary words created to describe things done in twitter. (e.g. twayments, tweeps, twavel, etc.).” Answers on the site already include “Tword” and “twatter.”

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Creator Paul McKellar came up with the idea after thinking through the age-old concept that humans interpret information based on how it is framed. WordSmyte, he says, is just of a fun side project — he’s not expecting it to make money. However, he has some experience tapping into visceral human emotions. He created a site called SocialMoth years ago that let people anonymously share their thoughts in a group, then turned it into an application on Facebook when the social network launched its platform in 2007. Then later sold the application to dating and Facebook app network SpeedDate.

A Facebook app for WordSmyte isn’t planned, but maybe its users will generate some meaningful words that get out into the public lexicon.