ontier-logoExplaining complicated ideas, particularly complicated visual ideas, can be a real challenge. Email, and even images, are limited, and it can also be a pain to schedule meetings, whether they are in-person or over the web. Portland, Ore. company Ontier wants to solve that problem with a new product called Pixetell, which allows you to incorporate rich visual and audio information into your emails.

Basically, you build a Pixetell email by adding screen recordings, voice, web cam, rich text, and attachments to documents such as written proposals, spreadsheets or designs. For example, in this Pixetell, a real estate company is able to use visual annotations and a voiceover to walk clients through a new property. In another example, an Ontier spokesman shared this Pixetell to talk me through a slideshow of his vacation photos. He also attached the press release for the company’s announcement. I imagine this would have been very useful during VentureBeat’s redesign, allowing us to share visual and audio comments, rather than sending long emails with images covered in red circles, or spending hours and hours discussing minutiae during meetings.

Pixetell launched at the DEMO conference in March (see the company’s presentation below), where it won a DEMOgod award, but it just became available to the general public. The closest competition may come from screencast software like Screenjelly (though Pixetell encompasses more features than just screencasting). Unfortunately, although Pixetells can be shared on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, they can only be created on Windows PCs (for now). Pricing starts at $9 per month.

Ontier has raised an undisclosed amount of angel funding.